Automatic Demineralizer Plant

Automatic Dimineralizer Plant

Automatic Demineralizer Plant

The most recent Aum Engineers Auto Demineralisation (DM) go includes a group of programmed twin bed deionizers fusing best in class counterflow particle trade innovation already accessible just in extensive, reason composed plant. The operational cycle of these PLC controlled benefit and recovery, bundled units is based on modified time all through, which is arranged into the PC as per the kind of feedwater. The particle trade gums are never completely depleted guaranteeing ideal deionised water generation constantly.

Recovery takes only a hour and a half - after a least administration cycle of six hours. As recovery of the cation and anion beds is concurrent, the emanating streams are to a great extent self neutralizing, decreasing waste transfer costs and natural effect. The Auto DM is uncommonly minimized, and is slide mounted on an erosion safe casing which additionally obliges a stainless steel multipurpose pump to improve the execution of the plant amid administration and recovery.

Special Features

  • Instantaneous flow rate up to 25 m3/h
  • Maximum available output m3/day on a feedwater of 100 ppm total anion feed.
  • Average conductivity of purified water is 10.0 µS/cm (at 25oC) , with low running costs.
  • High chemical efficiency - high purified water output from low regenerant chemical usage.
  • Compact skid mounted system.
  • Stainless steel process pump fitted as standard
  • Operation control by PLC
  • Continuous indication of system status
  • Audible alarm and 'no flow' alarm circuit
  • Can be connected to level sensors in chemical tanks to prevent regeneration when insufficient chemicals are available
  • High level treated water tank alarm to prevent overflow and to trip the system.
  • Minimal installation and commissioning cost
  • Low bacterial contamination/growth
  • Operator interface makes the system user friendly