Pressure Sand Filter

Pressure Sand Filter

We are giving quality guaranteed cluster of Pressure Sand Filter and FRP Pressure Sand Filter, which is particularly requested for expulsion of suspended solids and undissolved polluting influences. These contaminations are by and large overwhelming metals and clean particles. The weight sand channel is very appropriate for the frameworks with high residue, sediment, sand, and turbidity.Our inventive plan guarantees the most extreme usage of the surface

region, lesser weight drop over the weight informal lodging disposal of the pollutions. Its application region incorporates swimming pool water, pre filtration for layer framework, generation for drinking water and some more.


Flow Rate (cubic meters/hr) : 3000-4000
Vessel Height: 1600-1800 mm
Media Quantity: 800-1200 kg


  • Non corrosive and cost effective solution.
  • Accessible in various sizes and materials both hand worked or completely consequently
  • Non destructive and savvy arrangement
  • Comprises of a different layer of sand with an assortment in size and particular gravity
  • Reasonable for private, huge business and modern applications


  • Filtration in swimming pools
  • Treatment of wastewater
  • Generation of drinking water
  • Pre filtration for layer frameworks
  • Filtration of dim or surface water
  • Arrangement of cooling water